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Special offer from 04.08. to 31.08.2020 

this is a special for all who lives in the USA   you receive a special discount on above time.

You pay the total of your shopping in $ instead of € and you pay it on a Paypal account in USA, so you will not have extra charges.



This is our summer special for you….

For shipping to the USA, I use the company Packlink, a package with approx. 2 pieces of clothing has a weight of approx. 2 kilos

and costs 25 $ on this time.

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Now shopping is even more convenient for you. Make yourself cozy at home, put your feet up on the couch and shop easily on our website. We carry cute baby and children fashion knitwear and fabric from famous Spanish fashion designers. Our high quality and exlucive children´s clothing is produced in loving care, in Spanish family businesses.

Take a look at our enchanting range.

Traditional in pink ?....... or light blue?........ or rather in a trendy yellow?

Spoil your loved one with fluffy fabrics, sweet colors or even comfortable outfits. I´m sure you will find something in our shop! Take the time you need while shopping in our virtual shop, without rushing and pushing. 

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Our selection and our range is constantly changing.